The core of the different calendars used by the Maya is the Tzolkin. Its beginning is about 3000 years ago. The calendar is composed of a combination of 20 seals and 13 tones. One tone-seal combination, also called Kin, is true for a day. This goes back to the Maya name of our sun; the sun was called Kinich Ahau; and the sun sends out information and all essential energy for life – everything encrypted in a Kin.
When you combine the 13 tones with the 20 seals you get 260 possible combinations – the Kin.
The 20 seals have their bodily equivalents in our 20 fingers and toes. The 13 tones comply with our 13 main joints.
Every seal and every tone represent a distinct quality and even today the Quiche Maya use the Tzolkin to characterize their new born. Furthermore, the Tzolkin is perfect for finding out the due date. After the last day of menstruation a pregnancy lasts for approximately one Tzolkin circle.


The grey fields mark the so called galactic activation portals. In case you are relaxed and balanced, quantum leaps are possible at these days. Then you will think “that’s impossible!” – Unbelievable things can happen. If you feel stressed there is a higher risk of accident. The GAP’s are accordingly real activators.


Der Tzolkin Kalender.