AKBAL, the blue night

Dreaming, affluence, intuition
Direction: West
Element: Water
Chakra: Solar Plexus

By choosing AKBAL, the blue night, you have chosen an enormous development surrounding.
With a view point from life on earth day and night seem to exist equally side by side. From a cosmic perspective, however, it gets clear that there is only a cosmic night, which accommodates many flying spots. In dark night borders vanish and there eternity and endless opportunities are at home. You reach this unlimited fullness with your dreams. In your dreams you see what you’re longing for. So you can focus with your doings on those fields of life that were neglected until now. You can show your environment that everything is abounding here and every form of shortage is just representing itself as a restriction in mind. So you are challenged not to be restricted by social conventions. You want to discover new spaces and you are not in an ocean just to swim on the surface. You wish to get to know everything.
Not to get lost in the endlessness of night you have an inerrant intuition. Your intuition also gives you good empathy and an even-tempered charisma.
If you make your decision to find your fields of deficit, you will lead a highly inspired and fulfilled life. The perfect saying for you is “live your dreams.”


It can happen that you show signs of hesitation and indolence. In contrast to your dreams where you would like to advance, this attitude does not satisfy you. You have unconvincing explanations why something won’t work. In the end, this behavior makes you very depressive. Occasionally it can happen that your mind clouds your clear intuition. Then it is better to jump.

Everyone who has chosen BEN, ETZNAB, and LAMAT has also access to AKBAL-energies.