You are born a certain day and therefore your life is shaped by the predominant energy of the day of your birthday. Furthermore, you are provided with certain abilities, responsibilities and energies for your life. You and every human being accordingly have got his or her own “tools” for the journey through life. For every day there is a combination of one seal and one tone. All in all there are 20 different seals and 13 tones. As a result we have 260 possible combinations.

One seal and one tone together is one Kin. So your personal Kin shows what you are meant for and shows as well your personal abilities and characteristic traits. Learn more about yourself, your friends, your partner, about your parents, your pet, … just enter the certain date of birth into the right window. Then you get the personal Kin.
And when are YOU born?

Hello, beautiful seal as duet with a tone - - Yes, it is all about you and your Kin. You will find your own reflection in the text. With the description of seals and tones you will either see the positive use of your energy, abilities and calling in your life or maybe also things that are described as shadows. The shadows point out that you are not living according to your flow.

It is amazing to discover that you can only understand yourself when you look open and honestly into “the mirror”, the Tzolkin. Use generally this Tzolkin to analyse a person or creature.
Do you like the Tzolkin?