ETZNAB, the white mirror

To reflect, infinity, order
Direction: north
Element: air
Chakra: solar plexus

Born as ETZNAB you are a presence oriented person by nature. Immediately you absorb the mood of your surrounding and mirror it. With honest frankness you present directly your point of views. The result of your feedback doesn’t interest you. You have the task to be an open mirror and to broaden your consciousness with feedback of your environment. If you allow expanding your boundaries you will advance in high speed. You will realize the overwhelming diversity of reflections of existence. Like the mirror reflects your face, the left hand mirrors the right one, big mirrors small and distance reflects itself in closeness. If you look close enough you will see that everything is mirrored on balance and in the end you only see yourself. The diverse universe will be mirror of your divinity. The only border is your perception or you self. So you found infinity and the highest order of the mirror.


You run the risk of being stuck in routine. This gives you the back-breaking feeling of being caught in a seemingly inalterable world. All desired changes first have to be made in you – this is the key out of your prison. Often it is enough to see things with the eyes of other people.

Everybody who has chosen BEN, LAMAT and AKBAL has also access to ETZNAB energies.