LAMAT, the yellow star

To beautify, elegance, art
Direction: south
Element: fire
Chakra: solar plexus

Your birth with LAMAT, the yellow star, makes you a person with a special appreciation for aesthetics. You have an eye for beauty and perfection in form and space. Your concentrated attention minds every detail. In all your doings you are aspiring perfection. You are an idealist. Grace, elegance and tactfulness are in your nature and you love art in all its expressions. Maybe you’re a painter or singer or you are just collecting beautiful things. You should find out if you have an artistic talent to express. No matter what occupation you have you should guarantee your own creative latitude. In artistic and creative expression you will find to yourself the easiest and you will find your place in the world.
You love to see an organizing structure behind things and so you can make conclusions to the organizing structure of the universe and broaden your consciousness. You are always aspiring to regularity and harmonious interpersonal relationships.


As perfectionist you run the risk of stressing yourself with excessive self-criticism. Furthermore you possibly think that only you can do everything best. Then you have difficulties in accepting advices. When you cannot find your inner balance you seem to be hard and unapproachable. You are a controlling person and exhibit too much strictness in everything. If you cannot find your creative self-expression some day, you might display self-destructive tendencies.

Those who have chosen ETZNAB, BEN and AKBAL have also access to LAMAT-energies.