CABAN, the red earth

To develop, orientation, synchronicity
Direction: east
Element: earth
Chakra: heart

CABAN, the red earth is directed at development and progress. You understand what is important for further development and you create the necessary environment for it. You can take on this important task because you know that true progress can only happen when the entity is also benefits from it. With your focus on collectivity you enable orientation; you are the predestined navigator. If a person or sub area continues to develop further, it is at the same moment a development for the whole entity and a present for collectivity. You know that all sequences take place synchronic (without delay) and with immediate interplay. The more superior motives cause your actions the more people will be unified by you to push on developments with collective power.


Here, CABAN turns you into a powerful controller. You appear to be difficult to access and maybe also aggressive. You could have the feeling of being without orientation. A partner perceives you as distraught and absentminded. If you also embody egocentric tendencies, you will provoke heavy reactions in your environment.

This creative energy-field is also open for MANIK, IK and EB.