HUN, magnetic tone 1

Purpose, to unify, to attract

HUN, the magnetic tone 1, is the beginning. And only in finding a purpose a beginning is possible. You feel your purpose and you know about it. That is why you are an initiator and automatically a guidepost and pioneer. You have leading qualities by nature. Because of your early realization of your own potential you easily see the potential of others and so you are also appealing for others. You open up new paths and this might attract followers. If you want to realize a project or goal you won’t have difficulties in finding a team and unifying people with shared ideas.


If you have not found to yourself yet, you will leave the most important decisions in your life to others – that means you tend to follow powerful, strong men. Your lack in leading qualities causes then consciously or unconsciously frustration; aggressive dominance and imperiousness can be the result. Then you have not found a harmonious way to let off steam in regard to your natural leading position. Often you are not criticizing yourself. Therefore you get into an isolated position and you have a dividing effect for communities.