KAN, the yellow seed

aim, bloom, consciousness
Direction: South
Element: Fire
Chakra: Root

The birth potential of KAN, the yellow seed, manifests itself in a grounded and goal-oriented character. You have an immensely good feeling for reaching your goals with maximum success. You are carried by an inner driving potential to bring things and procedures of any kind to perfection. That is also for you the way to complete satisfaction. To push and shape these developments makes you able to form your consciousness. Step by step, every expanded consciousness let you see through the character of nature of all things. There grows the comprehension in you to see that everything takes time to be a beautiful blossom in the end. It is like the saying “haste makes waste”.
Your charisma will reflect confidence that honors every step in the whole process as essential for the blossom’s catharsis.


You might run the risk of pulling the unripe apple from the tree. When you pursue your goals too grimly you destroy the necessary process of development. Especially when outer influences press you to such a behavior, you should make yourself free to find your happiness. In order that the blossom can become a bright climax it is important to let go again and again.

Everybody who has chosen CAUAC, IX, and MULUC has also access to all KAN-energies.