CA LAHUN, crystal tone 12

Cooperation, to devote, to generalize

 With the crystal tone 12, CA LAHUN, you embody the knowledge that you reach more together than alone. You look for community, a group and cooperation; you have a harmonious and inspiring effect for this community. You are a communicative person, you approach other people openly and you are interested in various fields of life. You have the ability to reach in special fields of knowledge highest essences; this realization of key essences is expressed then in a simplified and easy to grasp way. Therefore, everybody can understand it and you make your results a gift for the community. Reactions of your surrounding will show, if you managed this task.



In the shadow of CA LAHUN you can be seen as a reserved and arrogant character. You want to keep your insights for yourself to distinguish yourself better. Maybe you use your knowledge for manipulative reasons. Categorically you think you are right. You have to face the reactions of your environment then.