CHICCHAN, the red snake


Survive, vitality, instinct
Direction: East
Element: Earth
Chakra: Crown

Basically you are a body conscious person as CHICCHAN, the red snake. You are grounded and prefer things you can touch. Remarkable is CHICCHAN’s ability to see quickly through connections and actions. By this you can easily cope with new surroundings. Your instinct is crystal clear and enables you to make the right decisions. You have an innate shrewdness in life. Nature’s strength in regeneration is distributed to you in a special extent. Your mutability and adaptability is connected with a remarkable vitality and makes it possible for you to even handle difficult situations. This vitality works in you like a never ending impetus. You have almost no problems with endurance. Ambitiously you put your plans into action.


In case you are unbalanced your vitality causes an immense inner restlessness. You run the risk to use your shrewdness at the expense of others – then you have to face severe consequences. Your adaptability challenges you to draw the line at opportunism. Although you can bumble through everything you won’t be happy. Because of your strong relation to your body those disharmonies can lead to illness and injuries.

The ones who have chosen MEN, OC and AHAU have also access to CHICCHAN-energies.