EB, the yellow human

To influence, freewill, wisdom
Direction: south
Element. fire
Chakra: heart

You have chosen EB, the yellow human, because you want to influence things. Who defines what and how? You want to know that and are doing everything necessary to figure this out. Consciously you fit your conclusions and comprehensions together like a puzzle. You like to walk the line and you are also sometimes a cross-boarder. Step by step you feel out what it means to have freewill. You will realize that you reach freewill only by conscious observance of motives behind every action. Only realization of true motives – and also admitting that – enables to abandon the infinite loop of behavior. That’s how we differ as humans from machines and that’s how we reach freewill. Of course you create with your high intensity inharmoniousness and confrontation. Therefore, the yellow human reaches very early enormous wisdom. Do what your heart tells you and will lead a phenomenal life.


You have to realize that you should not influence because of pure ends in it. If you use your conclusions for selfish and manipulative intention you will gain corresponding heavy reactions. Maybe you are also developing into a controller who cannot let things just happen. The belief to know everything could be a tempting attitude for you. With your tendency to cross borders you should be careful in dealing with other people and that your border crossing is consistent with your heart. Then you will reach your goal and a positive change.

Those who are born with IK, CABAN and MANIK have also access to EB-energies.