IK, the white wind

Communicating, spirit, breath
Direction: North
Element: Air
Chakra: Heart

You are a person with an intense sense for communication. With intuition you enter a situation and this provides the basis for a balanced exchange of experiences. You are the medium and the link in communication. A unifying, mutual and greater spirit can be formed among the communication partners. So you are in the key position as transmitter of information – almost like the wind that carries away the grain. With your presence and your doings you uncover the essences of an invisible but sensible wind. Only the wind of our breathing enables our speech and is simultaneously our most important “nutriment”. Via the rhythm of breathing you easily reach an extended level of consciousness.


You run the risk of creating an end in itself with your significant influence on communication. You hold your views in a dogmatic way and are not interested in your communication partner. It’s difficult for you to bear any kind of protest. You are just absorbing but not passing anything. Your charisma can sometimes seem to be cold and ignorant. Things have to meet your expectations.

Everybody who has chosen CABAN, MANIK and EB has access to IK-energies.