AHAU, the yellow sun

To enlighten, universal fire, life
Direction: south
Element: fire
Chakra: crown

With AHAU, the yellow sun, you are already a wise and reasonable person. Your wisdom arises from your heart and compassion. You know what love is and the door to universal awareness is opened for you. You have the ability to pinpoint the essentials and so people cannot fool you. Easily you see through the facades of others. Accordingly, people value your advice. Like the sun is the centre of our solar system and the basis of all life, you are as AHAU the centre of all 20 seals. Your natural charisma of confidence, trustfulness and joy is therefore also has an appealing effect for your surrounding. Like the sun you embody the universal fire that burns many resistances and untruthfulness before it can even touch you.
In professional fields you can often be found in leading or self-employed positions. If you live the virtues of this seal you will have an amazing life.


This central role with high appeal demands accordingly a high sense of responsibility. Negative influences from your side and utilizing your power to manipulate others can create a lot of trouble in your environment. Suddenly you created a hell you cannot escape you might think. You look for shelter in well-tried things and your self-worth depends too much on outer things and feedback. This can lead to severe health issues very quickly. Then you are a person who categorizes people according to profession, status in society and status symbols instead of looking with your heart on other people. Bethink your central role; this is your way out. You finally have to deal lovingly with your self and your surrounding. You know how this works.

Those who are born with MEN, CHCCHAN and OC have also access to energies of AHAU.