IMIX, the red dragon

To nourish, birth, being
Direction: East
Element: Earth
Chakra: Throat

IMIX, the red dragon, is the first seal. Everything begins with the dragon. He embodies birth and restart and is basically open for everything new. Is a child or a project new born they have to be nourished: a project with abstract, intellectual energy and a child with nourishment and warmth from the motherly breast.
Accordingly, if you have this seal, you are shepherding and hospitable.
Eating and drinking are critically proved in quality. Outside influences often affect your gastrointestinal tract. This is a good indicator for your general well being. It can be extremely inspiring for you to think about birth in nature and about beginnings in an abstract sense.


It can be difficult for the dragon to complete something newly started. The dragon tends to be distracted with something new when first problems occur. Often material things are over valued and a feeling of never getting enough arises. This can also turn into avarice.
The picture of your mother in comparison to the picture of a caring and comforting mother gives you information about where you were especially hit. This is your key to happiness.

Everybody who has chosen CIMI, CHUEN and CIB has access to IMIX-energies.