OX, electric tone 3

To serve, activate, attach

Born with OX, the electric tone 3, you wish to use your propulsive energy in a meaningful way. Doings are meaningful for OX when it serves common welfare. Accordingly, you are able to remain reticent. You have the community in mind. Of course, you are also able to take on a central role. You are responsible and you can pass on responsibility systematically. Your dynamic energy and the good focus on the essentials have a mobilizing and sweeping effect on your fellow men. Conviction and energy inspire people for your projects. You even have the willingness to give your life for higher goals.




You tend to be nervous if you cannot find a way to transform your activating energy into creativity. You rarely can finish your work. Then you get hyperactive and restless. You also tend to believe that you are irreplaceable. Your colleagues and fellow men might see you as an arrogant snob. Maybe you exaggerate very often.