CIB, the yellow warrior

To ask, intelligence, without fear
Direction: south
Element: fire
Chakra: throat

With CIB, the yellow warrior, you follow the path of awareness. You try to get to the bottom of everything with a keen mind. The yellow warrior doesn’t avoid taboos. So you get your conviction and fierce and unafraid you represent what you think. If you follow this path in a consequent and honest way, you quickly get from a restricted intelligence of mind to a universal intelligence. Every creature is with intuition inextricably connected with this intelligence. That is also the moment when the warrior finds his heart and the battle ends.


The yellow warrior compulsory runs the risk of putting rationality above all things. You tend to use ratio for manipulating others. This causes heavy reaction of your surrounding, of course. Sometimes you cannot connect these reactions with your doings because of difference in time. Your arrogance is very noticeable. As long as your heart is missing restlessness is your constant companion.

All those who have chosen CHUEN, IMIX and CIMI have a higher resonance for CIB-energies.