UC, resonant tone 7

To join in, to channel, to activate

With UC, the resonant tone 7, you are a sensitive person. You have an astonishing receptiveness to absorb unspoken information and to look behind every façade. You cannot be fooled. With this ability you are a critically analyzing person, who takes everything into consideration. This enables you to join in certain topics, fields or events. Like a receptor you are coming into resonance and turn into a channel. In a direct connection you can transmit information. It cannot be avoided that your advice is or will be demanded.



Since you cannot switch off your ability to see everything you have to learn to come to terms with it. Maybe you use this ability to offend others as you see their weak point. Or you drop a brick again and again since you talk about unpleasant things, destroying any further communication by doing so. Your sensitive perception is problematic when you interfere with your personal judgments, based on your personal moral values. This can gave an isolating and depressing effect for you and leads finally to a basically negative perception of the world.