UAC, rhythmic tone 6

Equality, to organize, to balance

UAC, the rhythmic tone 6, gives you a balancing and harmonizing effect. Equality and equation are important for you in every field of life. You value people and things for that what they are. You are born with the deeper insight that there exist no “more important” and “unimportant” or no hierarchic “upper” and “lower”. For you, all people are equal. This opinion enables you to have access to various personalities because you take them serious.

You keep an overall view in your actions and you work in a structured and goal-oriented way. You have the ability to simplify things and actions. You only focus on the essential things. In combination with your diplomatic skills you are therefore the ideal organizer.



The shadow of UAC could be that you value a person too much according to achievements. The person looses his value and hierarchy is everything – in the extreme. Maybe you are still trying to find your balance in activities, at work and in life. It might happen that you go to the extreme and then lapse into the contrary. It is not surprising that self-destroying tendencies can occur. Furthermore, you might have difficulties in changing a decided plan. You appear to be stubborn and you loose easiness and spontaneity.