CIMI, the white worldbridger

Balancing, death, chance, opportunity
Direction: North
Element: Air
Chakra: Throat

In our life something is definitely guaranteed: death. You, the CIMI – the white worldbridger – are embodying this wisdom like no other seal. This innate acceptance opens many doors to new opportunities for you. It reveals itself in your ability to make yourself free in moments of past, of material things and future plans. Any time a new universe can open for you.
You feel intuitively that life can only begin when you’re able to die and letting go. As worldbridger it is natural that your life is lived at its limits. By birth you have the comprehension that in death there will be absolute balance again and compensation will be made. Missed chances will give us a feeling of regret, but realized opportunities will give us a feeling of happiness and peace. That’s why people will see you as a person with a distinct sense of justice. Of course you are also a very open-minded person. You have a good, intuitive ability to communicate.
Since you value contrasts and differences you know very different kinds of people and you feel at home in various worlds. Your tour through life is made easier because of your frugality. You have no problem to manage on very little. You think that insight into situations is more important than materialism. Your playful connection with death, the greatest transformation energy of creation, gives you the potential as CIMI to make quantum leaps in your life. Several times you can be re-born like phoenix out of ashes.


When you have difficulties in get going because you have some problems, people will get to know you as lethargic person. To make decisions is problematic for you. Maybe because you are clinging too much to the old and cannot let go.
You can dissipate your energies with too many new beginnings or you don’t take your chances. The following frustration entices you to take drugs or intoxicants. You are questioning the meaning of everything. Disappointment and suicidality can arise and can lead in an intensive way also to suicidal ideation.

Everybody who has chosen CIB, IMIX, and CHUEN has also access to CIMI-energies.