CHUEN, the blue monkey

To play, magic, illusion
Direction: west
Element: water
Chakra: throat

With Chuen, the blue monkey as birth-seal you are embodying one of the highest essences in life: playing! Since you know about the illusionary nature of our transient surrounding you are not able to take life and yourself serious. So you can represent a maximum of detachedness, almost like a fool who leaves past behind any moment. You have the license to play light-heartedly and you love to curiously explore everything. Humor and irony of life let you spray with good humor that laughs not at others but at yourself. So naturally you are a spontaneous, sociable and communicative person. You are fanciful, creative, and keen to experiment and always open for something new. You lead an especially humorous and happy life if you focus every now and then on your unfading source and appreciate the offered path. You can become a master of the art of living! Accordingly, your charisma is almost magic to your surrounding.


If you should seriously care for one thing or another once in life and fall for the serious side of life, it’s best not to tangle with you. You play around with other’s feelings. Maybe you also try to manipulate people and play them off against each other. You are joking at the expense of others. By this you will be in “crazy” situations in life that will be only endurable with humor.
Also those who are investigating the energies of CIB, IMIX and CIMI have a higher resonance to this energetic spectrum.