MULUC, the red moon

To clarify and clean, universal water, river
Direction: east
Element: earth
Chakra: root

As you are born as MULUC, the red moon, you embody the universal power to clean and purify. Everything needless and all resistances are dissolved by you. You discover and directly bring this theme up. This is not always pleasant but it is necessary for further development when it is all about important changing. You are a lovely and active person who easily can approach other people. Wherever you are standstills are again in flow. Like the river in nature knows the right direction to the ocean, you are able to give the right direction as well. When you are able to enjoy and trust this quality your life is flowing practically by itself. All barriers will clear away. Mind-expanding moments with mystic elements are bound to happen. Like an ocean – as he is lower – rules easily hundred rivers (Laotse), you as river can rule hundred streams.


You can tend to always wanting to distinguish yourself. You want to take center stage and one might call you arrogant. You easily turn into a solo entertainer and you have difficulties to let things happen. If you don’t use your fantastic intuition and rely too much on rationality, you will create problem over problem. These problems can reach huge dimensions. They are trying to get you into the direction of “trusting and letting things happen.”

Those who have chosen CAUAC, KAN and IX have also access to energies of MULUC.