MANIK, the blue hand

Knowledge, realization, healing
Direction: west
Element: water
Chakra: heart

Your birth with MANIK, the blue hand, promises an active and intense life. Zest for action, curiosity and thirst for knowledge are your companions that make you social and keen to experiment. Your actions are focused on results and you are a very single-minded person. As the blue hand you don’t only want to talk about things but actually do it, realizing projects and presenting a final result. You know that you can reach true knowledge only through experience. And exactly your active realization is essential for you to learn. Consider all feedback you get during your projects and then aim your work at the good of all people involved – that means also for your good or not only for your good. Doing so, you will create something marvelous. Then you will be a salutary blessing for your surrounding. Persons involved will find with you a deeper meaning for their doings with your project – this creates a healing effect. The key for such salvation is to focus with actions on the good of everybody. MANIK-characters are natural leaders. They want to take everybody by the hand to lead their surrounding and their projects to salvation.


If motivation comes not from your heart the MANIK power to get things done can be problematic; especially if your interests are focused too much on your own or other people’s plans. In both cases it can lead to mischief – either for the initiator, for those involved in a project or for both. Advance notice of a wrong direction of your actions can be seen in enormous nervousness and your workaholic life.

Those who have chosen CABAN, IK and EB have also access to MANIK-energies.