IX, The white wizard

To enchant, timelessness, receptiveness
Direction: north
Element: air
Chakra: root

With IX, the white wizard, you have an enormous receptiveness. You perceive vibrations, moods and background information in a highly sensitive way and this gives you a holistic impression of situations. So it is possible for you to open up new, unknown perspectives for you and also others. This is your magic. You cannot fail if you trust your received impulses and transform those into decisions and actions. You realize that in present all necessary information is given for the next step. You live as creator of your world and so you win the impression of temporal freedom. Your good perception will finally be responsible that your advice is in demand.


Maybe you need some time to trust your sensitivity and the received information. It can happen that rationality is getting in your way and so you find many reasons why this and that cannot happen. You feel helplessly exposed to outer pressures and you feel helpless to change these. Maybe you have also problems in dealing with your sensitive perception. After all, you have to cope with your impressions and have to find the right way to apply the impulses in the right moment and form. The more you find yourself the easier it is for you to cope with this. If you use your perception systematically at the expense of your fellow men you shouldn’t be surprised to get heavy reactions.

Those who are born with CAUAC, KAN and MULUC have also access to the energies of IX.