Lichtspur brings the Dreamspell - a modern version of the Maya calendar – on your mobile phone.


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The Maya - an ancient civilisation in Central America - had already thousands of years ago a calendar that was based on exact astronomical knowledge. On the contrary, in Europe these astronomic facts were figured out just a few hundreds years ago. Due to their knowledge the Maya were able to make very accurate horoscopes. The basis for all horoscopes was Tzolkin, which is also the basis of the Dreamspell.

Every single day has a certain energy in the Dreamspell calendar, which is called Kin. This energy consists of two parts: one seal and one tone. There are 20 different seals and 13 different tones. As a result there exist 260 possible combinations.

Consequently, a Kin can be compared to our zodiac signs and ascendants. As your zodiac sign, the Kin you are born with shapes your life in many ways. On the right hand side you can enter your date of birth – you will then receive the Kin of your birth together with your horoscope.

Based on natural cycles Dreamspell opens up a new awareness.