CAUAC, the blue storm

To accelerate, self-fulfillment, energy
Direction: west
Element: water
Chakra: root

CAUAC, the blue storm accelerates all activities. As storm you have the flow of the biggest transforming energy of the universe in you. No other seal has such a powerful potential of change. There is actually no stagnancy in your life. You always consider alternatives, you overcome obstacles and you dissolve blockades. Stay centered – then one can only congratulate you. You make quantum leaps and you definitely can reach everything in life. Self-fulfillment is a central topic for you and for people who have contact with you. Accordingly, you can be found again and again in leading positions.


With CAUAC you have the challenge to let the transforming energy nonstop flow through yourself. Everything that needs to be transformed and developed has to be transformed as well. Otherwise you won’t find peace. The path of CAUAC challenges your whole attention and asks you to surf the wave of life. If you get on the wrong track stubbornly, circumstances around you soon get extremely uncomfortable. You could have problems with addictions then.

Those who are born with IX, Kan and MULUC have also access to CAUAC-energies.