OX LAHUN, cosmic tone 13

Presence, to endure, to extend

The cosmic tone 13, OX LAHUN, is the “joker” among all tones. This tone brings the development of all other tones to a new stage. Tone 13 transforms the dying caterpillar into a butterfly. You appear as a mature person, connected with the present – this is noticeable in your soft permeating presence. Willpower, enormous stamina and tolerance for suffering accompany you. With OX LAHUN deep changes and developments come into existence that requires stamina and the ability to let go. As you have to accept again and again the eternal and universal course you will develop processes further and step on virgin soil. With the cosmic tone you can go every path and open every door.



If you are not balanced you could become too deeply involved in something. You have to learn then, that development simply happens when the time is right. You cannot force progress. Maybe you cannot hold yourself back because of your natural presence. This might lead to dominant traits. If you cannot cope with the penetrative energy of the 13, you will find yourself in isolation in the end. Then you are perceived as emotionally cold person.