BEN, the red skywalker

To explore, space, vigilance
Direction: east
Element: earth
Chakra: solar plexus

You have chosen BEN, the red skywalker because you are almost burst with curiosity and love of adventure. You are accepting changes in time and space with remarkable courage. Here, it is not important if you deal with new spaces in you or in your outer world. You can be a real precursor with all the bravery for something new. After all you have no other choice but to act according to your love of freedom. BEN-born people have high-sensitive senses and a strong power of concentration. Many explorations of BEN-born lead to extraordinary receptiveness and profundity.


Don’t wait that others change their lives. Take matters into your own hands and make all necessary decisions. Yes, it can hurt. But BEN, the red skywalker lets you no other choice. Don’t shut your eyes; otherwise your life will be a frustrating stagnation. In your dreams the skywalker lives, anyway.

Those who have chosen ETZNAB, LAMAT and AKBAL have also access to BEN-energies.