MEN, the blue eagle

To create, vision, spirit
Direction: west
Element: water
Chakra: crown

You are a person who creates the surrounding according to your own conceptions. Since you overview all connections it is easy for you to take advantage of every new opportunity. It is your vivid spirit that develops such opportunities by combination of realized contexts. You are a born visionary. Because of your overview you can give direction to new, superior structures. Your help and advice are demanded in dividing big plans even to the point of the least activity. You seek the company of other people. You are also creative and have an enormous spiritual and physical creative power. Therefore you often turn into an important problem solver.


You can be seen as a person who cannot sit still or exude uneasiness. Your creative power is responsible that you are permanently doing handicrafts, carrying something out or just doing anything. Inner self-communion with a self-critical view is not easy for you. But time of recovery is giving your activity again and again the right direction. You could tend to help constantly. Doing so you want to fill your felt emptiness and try to raise your self-worth. You want to look good. However, to give real help you need self-communion to know what really matters.

Those who are born with AHAU, CHICCHAN and OC have also access to MEN-energies.