HO, upper-tonal tone 5

Radiation, to authorize, to lead


The upper-tonal tone HO gives you radiation, strength and energy. With easiness you attract attention. You are inherently authorized to be or become an attachment figure and you are the born leader. You embody assertiveness and the willingness to be responsible. Moreover you have the courage to make unpleasant decisions. You are basically optimistic and you interact well with other people. The lovingly and responsible you deal with this potential the more powerful gets your influence.



If you have not yet your leading position you are maybe afraid of being in the centre. Too much attention makes you insecure. But there is no reason for it. Maybe you mistake dictatorial dominance and paternalism for natural authority. You take yourself too seriously and you seem to be egocentric. Your surrounding will dislike you then and frustration is the result. Your claim to leadership should not be an end in itself but should serve a higher entity.