CA, lunar tone 2

Challenge, to polarize, to stabilize

You have chosen CA, the lunar tone 2 by birth because you look for extremes and show these up. Your task for example is to speak openly about misunderstandings and differences in a situation. This can lead to conflicts first but creates clarity and harmony in the end. You divide, doubt and you question. You clearly define extremes and you are the master of consideration. Opposites attract and so balance can exist. This is a natural necessity for defining the objective and happy medium. So you take on a balancing task and you are able to achieve changes for an everlasting balance and stability and stability for you and others. Doing so, you get your environment to its limits of flexibility. You demand versatility and extension of overall view – a real gift for every community and project.



The negative aspect of tone CA is that you might fail to use your clarifying impact. You realize differences in situations but do not trust your intuition. But you should. It also can happen that the usually stimulating provoking influence gets offending. You easily get tactless. It can happen that you offend people on purpose – of course this creates heavy reactions in your surrounding. Maybe you speak against anything categorically. Since you create tensions you might realize this and start to avoid other people; you cannot turn this tension into creative potential and relax it. You could let off steam in extreme free-time activities – but you tend to overdo it then up to self-destroying danger.