OC, the white dog

To love, heart, loyalty
Direction: north
Element: air
Chakra: crown

The seal OC, the white dog, wants to examine the theme “love” from all perspectives. The spectrum ranges from a judgmental, morally limited love to an unlimited, unconditional love as highest goal. Sexuality plays an important role and social taboos have no place in your life. You are able to enjoy physical love to the fullest and to use it as portal to higher, spiritual experiences. You are an emotional person and this is also the basis for your decisions. The heart is your linchpin. You are warmhearted and a love and harmony giving (but also needy) person. In you one can find a devoted and loyal friend. Once developed a friendly and faithful relationship to you, one can count on you. In your loyalty you can occasionally go beyond yourself.


On the shadow-side one might see in you a black and white thinking moralizer, who knows what is good and what is bad. With your judgment you make yourself inapproachable for your fellow men. Reactions of dear people might force you to think gridlocked morals over. Your sexuality might develop into something extreme; you even might show signs of prudishness. It is also possible that you present your judgment over sexuality provocatively in public. If you are not balanced you are definitely not loyal and those who trust in you are betrayed.

Those who are born with AHAU, CHICCHAN and MEN have also access to all energies of OC.