HUN LAHUN, spectral tone 11

Liberation, to dissolve, to set free

With HUN LAHUN, the spectral tone 11, you are an independent or independence-minded character. You often inspire your surrounding to reach independence as well. Frankness is very important for you. You need, and you also create, space for development. You x-ray everything into detail and thereby you discover again and again virgin soil. Your ability to x-ray constantly broadens your horizon; and old knowledge, old belief-systems and repressed feelings are dissolved as by magic.



Your x-ray vision will be a challenge, if you get stuck in details and lose overview. You cannot find any end and it is no surprise that you appear to be restless. Maybe you dislike the new discovered worlds and you cling to well-known and old systems. Nothing can touch you and feel all the more frustration and restlessness because you feel that you are only procrastinating.