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The main screen – Kin displayKinDisplay


After the splash screen you will see the energy (= Kin) of the current day on your display.
The Kin is consisting of one seal out of 20 (an image) and one tone out of 13 (dots and lines above the image). The Kin is calculated automatically and reverts to the current date set in your mobile. So please mind to set the correct date!


  • By pressing the right cursor key or number 6 the Kin display for the next day is calculated and displayed.
  • By pressing the left cursor key or number 4 the Kin of the previous day is shown.
  • By pressing the up cursor key or number 2 you change to the date – but just in case the active Kin is for a special date. If you got your supporting energy calculated, for example, the displayed Kin has no date.
  • By pressing the down cursor key or number 8 the oracle display is shown.
  • By pressing the enter cursor key or number 5 the countdown display is shown.
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