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Here we present the features of the Dreamspell calendar for your phone.

For example which person is supporting or occult for me? Who is the perfect employee for my company? When should I plan an important appointment? Is it useful to do this or that today? Why do I not like this person? ... All that and much more you can find out very easily with your phone and our Dreamspell download.
At the push of a button you get an overview of everything important in life. In the past, on the contrary, royal dynasties for example had to invest high expenses for different experts just to find out the perfect date of birth for the heir to the throne. It is so easy today!
According to the history of the Maya a big cycle will end in 2012 after 52,000 years. You can read and hear a lot about this in the media: until 2012 a speeding-up will take place. You will also find thoughts about what will happen after 2012. This speeding-up is comprehensible for everyone as our lives got faster, crazier and more aggressive over the years.

To stay yourself in this speeding-up process the Dreamspell calendar will help you navigating to what you are meant for. 
It is still a mystery why the Maya knew about the various cycles of energy. We just hope and wish that all people try to live according to their calling (Kin) and reach their own world and element by doing so. The challenge is to find and live your “self”, your calling. 

The navigational aid for the Dreamspell is for this purpose with immediate effect allocated for your phone. Make your life easier and live according to natural cycles of our universe. Synchronise yourself with the Dreamspell. Under the option “download” you find all the information how to get the Tzolkin on your phone. Very easy, a single payment of 4,99€ a phone life long. No subscription, no crooked dealing.

We made the screenshots with a nokia N79. For other phones the button functions and layout can differ a bit. But basically all features are available for all mobile phones!

We use the Nokia N79 for our introduction but basically all features are available for all types of mobiles. For other models the keyboard layout can vary slightly.

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